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Community Video
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newborns, the captured life
Topics: newborn, The Captured Life
Listen Up! Youth Media Network
by Philip Courtney
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Babies, Bottles and Diapers is a 40 minute documentary created by the 12th grade documentary class at East Side Community High School. The piece explores the circumstances that contribut to teen pregnancy and ultimately the experience of urban teen parenthood. This documentary was screened atThe Urban Visionaries Fesitval in March, 2003.
Topics: pregnancy, parenting, youth
Community Video
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Feather in the wind - a metaphor to human life: as a feather in the wind I drift up and down wherever events push me. Sometimes it is coloured and sometimes it is black. Though, I can enjoy once in a while being part of the crowd.
Topics: feather, wind, drifting, experimental video
Prelinger Archives
by Southern Educational Film Production Service
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Everyday aspects of mental health in an African American community in Gainesville, Georgia.
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Topics: African Americans, Children, Psychology
VJ Loops & Performances
by Devon Miles
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A set of Clips with Grafittis, a short appereance of a Sprayer and some more urban street stuff. Codec is PICVIDEO MJPEG and cinepac res.: 640 x 480 Keyframe every frame. I dont care much about licenses, feel free to use them any way you want but dont resell them. that will result in very bad karma!
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Topic: urban, grafitti, streetart, sprayer, VJ, loops, Devon Miles